7 Top Tips To Stay Motivated


Hey Cuties,

We’re sure your smashing those new years resolutions, if you’re not then stay tuned! We have all you need to keep motivated..    

7 Ways Stay Motivated On Your Own

  1. Give yourself a pep talk. No ones looking or listening go on keep yourself motivated by reminding yourself YOU CAN DO THIS.
  1. Surround yourself with positivity. Positivity breeds positivity keep thinking you can do it & you will! Also get the support from others around you by involving them
  1. Pat yourself on the back. Even if no one else knows about your accomplishments, they shouldn't go unnoticed. You’re doing so well so remind yourself of it.
  1. Challenge yourself. A little competition can be good for you! Whether its your friends, people at your gym or girls you work with, get chatting. 
  1. Commit to weekly check-ins. Checking in has never been so easy, its also such a brilliant way to stay on track, grab your phone & track your feelings/weight/eating patterns. 
  1. Use your pet as a workout partner. Dogs rarely turn down the opportunity to exercise plus its super cute, get them involved and make exercise fun!

 Call on your co-workers. They may not be your nearest & dearest but if you see them every day, your co-workers can be great motivational support. Make weekly lunch dates or better yet, walk during your lunch breaks!

Don't forget we're always here so if you need some motivation just drop us a message and we'll soon get you back on track!


Love the Cute Team x

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