Behind The Scenes - Shoot Day

Hey Cuties,
Us head office babes recently did a Cute shoot in a beautiful chic flat in London for content for youtube/facebook. It was such a fun (but super hetic day) our videographer is busy editing the videos & we cannot wait to share them with you eeeeeee! 
We were super lucky to be joined by Anna and Lea who modelled for us on the day – so a massive thanks to the girls for drinking endless meal replacement shakes, flippin pancakes all day & staying cute!
Want to get to know the girls, head to the bottom of the page...
 Our day started at 5:30 loading all the bits we needed for the shoot into Amie’s tiny Audi TT from pillows to oat milk…trust me it was never ending.
We picked up our Amsterdam Cutie Suzie from her hotel in Beaconsfield and headed to London, before we reached the destination it was an absolute necessity to grab a Starbucks so onto the SatNav we went desperately searching for our local fix…3 miles away..perfect!!!
Coffee consumed, it was time to start unloading the jam packed Audi TT..3 hours later it was done (joking) but honestly there were bags & bags & bags of stuff to carry to floor 2 (thank the lord for the lift)
Charlie our camera man arrived & suddenly the chic flat turned into what I can only describe as a film studio, it was super cool. The models arrived, eye lashes put on, lippy re-applied and it was GO GO GO!
The morning was full of branded videos, from how to make a shake to life style Cute videos that we can use for ads/youtube ect, they were really fun to film & allowed us to be really creative.
Whilst we were filming with Anna, Amie did a photo shoot with Lea with in the bedroom, we then moved onto workout videos, we’ve filmed level 1, 2 and 3 for you cuties who love a workout at home. After the workouts the girls were super hungry so we got a pizza delivery (don’t judge us, we don’t just drink shakes all day) After a quick scoff & coff we were back on it, youtube q&a’s, more workouts videos! It reached 6 oclock and we were all done and dusted for the day!
If only it ended then, sadly myself and Amie then had the drive home from London & for anyone who knows London on a Friday at 6 oclock will know it wont be a quick drive home…2 and a half hours later we were home & wrapped up with a cuppa (after patting eachother on the back for a jolly good day of work).
All in all, we cannot wait to share the content with you & hope you enjoyed reading the above giving you a little in site into what its like working at Cute & also shoots!!

Q&A's with Lea & Anna:

Get To Know - Anna

How did you become an influencer? 

I was actually advised at my uni FRA Academy to start one by my teacher in order to get a job in Fashion, I didn't want to do it at first! Ha, but I guess everything happens for a reason.

What brands do you love working with?

Health and lifestyle brands as I like to stay fit and eat well and of course fashion brands!

If you weren’t an influencer what would you dream job be?

A lingerie designer! I've always wanted my own lingerie range

Get To Know - Lea

Who’s your influencer bestie? & biggest girl crush?

Influencer bestie is my @rubykellll & my biggest girl crush has to be @bethanroberts 😍

What made you want to work with Cute Nutrition?

I’m so into my fitness at the moment and I wanted to start my journey using their supplements. As time went on I was happy with the results I'd seen using Cute Nutrition, so why would I change now?!

How long have you been working with Cute Nutrition?

Since June 2017

What were your favourite shake flavours that you made at the shoot? 

My favourite flavour is the salted caramel... also mixing the flavours is my new hype. Mixing banana and salted caramel tasted absolutely sensational


Love the Cute Team xox

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