Benefits of Protein Shakes

Hey Cutie,

We understand that protein shakes can be a very daunting idea as we tend to associate them with muscle growth and bulking. Fear not, we promise our protein shakes will not turn you into the next Marvel superhero (although you’d make a cute one), we want to strip it back down to basics and explain the benefits and nutritional values that they hold.

What is a Protein Shake?

A protein shake is a quick and easy way to increase your protein intake and boost the nutrients in your body. It can be used as part of your daily nutritional consumption and it focuses on building and toning muscles as well as boosting your metabolism.

The Benefits?

There are many benefits linked to the consumption of protein, here are just a few:

  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Boosts metabolism and suppresses hunger
  • Improves muscle tone #strongnotskinny
  • Increases overall health
  • Muscle repair
  • Keeps you fuller for longer
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Promotes healthy brain function and learning
  • Contains essential amino acids

When to Consume?

There is no right or wrong time to take your protein shake, but we would recommend one of the below for maximum results.

AM: Consuming protein as part of your breakfast fills your body with all necessary nutrients to kick start your day. Why not add a scoop of our Whey Protein Shake to your smoothie, overnight oats or even pancakes. This will keep you fuller for longer and give you the energy for those morning workouts!

Pre-workout: If you are going to consume a protein shake before your workout aim to take it 30 minutes before. It will increase your energy for the workout ahead and decrease the chances of muscle damage.

Post-workout: Your muscles need time to heal and recover after a good workout, take your protein shake after the gym session and it will help to repair your muscles.

Part of Your Fitness Journey

Protein shakes can be consumed no matter what your end goal is. It’s been scientifically proven that as part of your diet, protein shakes can help in weight loss and management. They can be used as a sugar fix as they often come in amazing flavours and help to suppress your appetite, steering you away from those snacks. They can also be used with weight training for toning and muscle growth.

Will Protein Shakes Make Me Gain Weight?

No Cutie! Weight gain occurs when you consume more calories than you burn, include your shakes in your daily calorie intake and you are good to go!

Cute Nutrition Protein Range

If you didn’t know already Cute Nutrition have their own Protein range! At just 118 calories per shake you can replace those sugar cravings with our sculpt and tone blend. Check out our two delicious flavours here:

Whey Protein Shake- Strawberry

Whey Protein Shake- Coconut

For those who can’t consume dairy or are intolerant we’ve got you covered. Check out our Vegan Protein Range here.

We hope we’ve covered all your questions about the benefits of protein shakes. If not leave us a message Cutie and we will get back to you!

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