Confessions of a Cutie

So this year us Cuties have made promises to each other in order to make us feel better over Christmas, we all over indulge, spend way too much money, don't move for 24 hours & drink a years supply of wine in 1 day.  I want to say its ok, because its Christmas but if you get that massive guilt then join us & open up about your Crazy Christmas Confessions! 
Who are you most like? Mia, Aim, Suz or Flo? 

Hey I'm Mia & I spend way too much money at Christmas, it comes to January and i've got nothing to my name! Considering I spend my life on excel it looks like I need to learn to budget! Are any of your Cuties with me on this?

Heres 3 tips to spend less this Christmas

Secret Santa

Yes Secret Santa can be seen as a novelty office idea for Christmas, but you can certainly up the value & do it with you friends or family. It adds an exciting aspect to your Christmas and stops you all over spending!! 

Black Friday 

It comes to Black Friday and all our inboxes have doubled with emails from our fave retailers offering 100% off - BE GOOD. Remind yourself, do you need it or are you just buying it because it's a bargain? The week before a sale is due, whether its Black Friday or Boxing Day I go onto my fave retailers websites, favourite everything I love and then when the sale is on go back on and see what items out of the ones I've loved have been discounted - that way your only buying the bits you would have even if they weren't reduced!! So simple but so effective. 

Food Glorious Food

Don't Over Buy! The shops close for 1/2 days max, do you really need 18 pints of milk, 24 bottles of wine & 12 turkeys, probably not! Do you need 80 pigs in blankets HELLYEA you do. Write a list & add a couple but don't fret, your family will not starve & you will survive. The last thing you want to do is over spend & end up throwing it all away. 


Hey I'm Flo & when it comes to Christmas my gym membership seems to stop too, I have all the motivation for the months leading up but when December hits I loose it all! 
Are you like me and need motivation? Pls say I'm not alone!!
This year I wont let myself be beaten by December, I wont over do it but I wont let myself go. I normally go 5 times a week, so in December I'm going to aim to go Monday, Wednesday & Friday. As soon as I have a routine I absolutely smash it I just need to keep it up! 
Home Workouts  
I get it, the evenings are dark at 4 o'clock and its super hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym. When I feel like this I head home & do a workout in front of the TV. Get your Mum/sister/friend involved and make it fun! We have made some AMAZING Cute youtube workouts check them out if you need inspo!!
Planning is Key
Before you walk into the gym know what your going to train, even if its 10 mis cardio, 12 mins HIIT session & finishing with 8 mins of abs - thats perfect. Walking into the gym without a plan is a little daunting so help yourself & figure it out beforehand. 


Hey I'm Aim & when it comes to Christmas I just cant stop drinking and going out! It's my birthday on the 24th (22 yeaaaah!) so it goes from one celebration to another! 
Are you like me and a bit of a party animal? 
Happy Hour
So I'm not saying don't drink and don't have a good time, just be savy about it - don't be paying £10-£15 for your fave cocktail head to the bars for Happy Hour and get double. Some bars offer a bottle of prosecco for £10-£15, find those spots and share a bottle with your girls! 
Offer to Drive 
On nights you don't fancy going CRAZY, be the taxi, that way you wont be able to drink & you'll save yourself those dolla dolla bills. 
Festive Booze 
If you're going to have a drink at Christmas time, make sure its a good one ;) Mulled wine is my fave Christmassy drink and it really gets me into that festive spirit. Another fave (call me old) is a glass of baileys with ice - nothing better!!!
Hey I'm Suz & when it comes to Christmas day I just don't move, I think last year I did about 40 steps, only 9960 off my 10,000 a day target - help!! 
Are you like me and just sit & eat all day?  
Christmas Day Walk
This year I aim to do more than 40 steps so I plan to do a Christmas day walk after breakfast. Its a great way of getting a bit of fresh air, having a break from being inside all day & wishing strangers you walk past a Merry Christmas! 
Help with the Roast
Now my mum is a queen in the kitchen but helping her out will also keep me up/active/awake!! Its super easy to sit there with a Christmas film on and wait for your dinner to be served but help the girl out & get off ya peach!!! 
Get Twister Out
Twister is a great way to get everyone moving, or any other active game! The last thing we need is Dad falling asleep after the queens speech & Christmas being over early so keep everyone up and get those games out!! 
We hope you love our ideas to keep your Christmas more active & we hope you try something new this year. If you do please let us know on the DM's.
Love the Cute Team x 

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