Skinny Juice Benefits

Hey Cutie,

You may have already seen our Skinny Juice across our social media channels but what does it really do and what are the benefits? We’re here to explain and strip it back down to basics.

What Is Sinetrol?

Our Skinny Juice is mostly made up of a supplement called Sinetrol and it comes in the delicious flavour of Raspberry Mojito. Sinetrol is a mixture of natural ingredients that come from citrus fruit (orange, grapefruit and lemon 🍋🍊), it contains a high level of polyphenols which promote the loss of body fat. It’s known to help improve your bodies composition and fat burn process.

Our Cute Nutrition Skinny Juice also uses a natural caffeine extract called Guarana, which has the benefit of reducing tiredness and has been linked to improving energy and focus. 

The Benefits of Sinetrol 

The key benefits of Sinetrol are:

  • No reported side effects
  • Reduces body weight
  • It’s full of antioxidants
  • It's anti-inflammatory
  • It increases your metabolism
  • Helps to reduce bloating

How Sinetrol Works

Sinetrol works by stimulating a fat burning process called lipolysis. When we try to lose weight, to succeed we need to focus on removing fat cells from our body, this is exactly what lipolysis does. Sinetrol is one of the best supplements to take to stimulate the fat burning process, along with a healthy diet lypolysis also starts the process of ketosis which results in the production of ketones.

The Keto Diet

Now you may have heard of the Keto Diet craze, it’s currently taking over the health and fitness industry and has been promoted largely by celebrities and influencers. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet that causes your body to burn fat and not glucose for energy.  

The keto diet requires a lot of willpower as the benefits will not come over night. Also, bad news Cutie cheat days are a no-go! Ketosis only works when your carb intake is kept very low and your fat intake high, so one cheat day could undo all your hard efforts.

Although the Keto diet may work for some it’s important to not deprive your body of all food groups. Drastic diets could have bad side effects so it’s vital to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, supplements such as our Skinny Juice can help alongside your nutrition to speed up the fat burning process.

What Our Cuties Say

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