Eat Your Way to Fabulous Skin

We know that lots of cuties out there struggle with their skin and the girls at Cute HQ know all about it. We’ve tried all the face washes, toners and masks out there and we’ve learnt something…clear skin starts from within. Everything you eat and drink will contribute to how your skin looks and feels. A diet of high sugar and fat sadly won’t lead to healthy skin. Making small additions to your diet could really help improve your skin. 
Try and include these foods in your diet and say hello to the glow! 🌟

Fatty Fish 🐟

Fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring are all rich in omega 3 an important for maintaining healthy skin. Omega 3 is great for reducing inflammation, which can lead to redness and acne. So beat it before it starts!
Fish is also a great source of vitamin E which can help to improve acne.💃🏼
Not a fish eater? Don’t panic, grab yourself some cod liver oil capsules!


Everyone loves a bit of avo! Avo toast with poached eggs are a Sunday morning must! 😋 Avocados are a great source of healthy fats, which help keep your skin flexible and moisturised. So you can keep those wrinkles at bay for a little bit longer, YAY! They’re also a great source of vitamins; around half an avo contains 10% of your daily-recommended vitamin E intake and 17% of your vitamin C intake.


Nuts in general are a great source of healthy fats. But walnuts are the star when it comes to healthy skin! Per 28g they contain 6% of your daily zinc, which is essential for your skin to heal cuts and bruises and combat bacteria and inflammation. As well as zinc they have lots of other goodness including vitamin E, C and Selenium so you can say hello to reduced acne and redness!  PLUS 4-5 grams of protein to help build that booty! 🍑👀

Sunflower Seeds 🌻

Obviously you aren’t going to go around munching handfuls of sunflower seeds, but adding them to porridge or smoothies is an easy way to give your skin some loving. Per 28g sunflower seeds have super high content of essential vitamins to help your skin stay smooth, plump, moisturised. They contain 37% of your daily vitamin E, 32% of your daily selenium and 10% of your daily zinc intake. 🎉

Red and Yellow Bell Peppers 

Bell peppers are the perfect snack or veggie to add to your favourite meal.
Believe it or not, bell peppers are amazing for keeping wrinkles at bay! They contain high amount of Vitamin C, like, 317% of your daily-recommended amount per pepper! Crazy, huh. Vitamin C is essential for keeping skin firm, strong and keeping dry skin at bay! Beat those wrinkles before they get to you!


Not everyone’s fave veggie but my goodness is it powerful. Broccoli is perfect for protecting your skin against oxidative stress and free radicals. We know, free what right? Free radicals like pollution and smoke in the air are what can contribute to dry skin and wrinkles. Broccoli contains a vitamin called Lutein in it that helps to protect your skin from those nasty elements! Try to include this somewhere in your diet! 🍴

Sweet potatoes 🍠

Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to your usual white potato! They contain a pigment called beta-carotene. This acts as a helpful extra barrier alongside your sun cream to protect your skin against sun exposure.
But before you go eating your bodyweight in sweet potato, remember that they aren’t a replacement for your usual sun protection! 😄
These orange beauties also contain 4 times your recommended daily amount of vitamin A. WHAT!


Tomatoes are super easy to include in your diet, they can be added to most meals as their cooking potential is endless! Tomatoes are a source of Vitamin C, your skins best friend for hydration. They also contain an element called Lycopene, similar to the beta-carotene pigment, this is also shown to help protect against sun exposure, which may cause wrinkles. 👵🏻

Green Tea 

Everyone’s heard of the health nutty gym goers that go on and on about the health benefits of green tea. We’re taking a little leaf out of their book and using it to help improve moisture, thickness and elasticity in the skin. Green tea is full of antioxidants so perfect for helping to improve your skin naturally. 💚

Little tip, some people like to add milk to their green tea, try not to do this as it can reduce the impact that green tea has on your skin! 

Dark Chocolate 🍫

If you need one more reason to eat chocolate, here it is. Eating 20g of dark chocolate per day gives you a boost of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to improve skin hydration, thickness and improve blood flow, which brings more nutrients to the skin to help cell repair and hydrate the skin.

Alongside a healthy diet, lots of water and reducing stress, these foods can really help to give you clearer, more plump skin! Remember, there’s no overnight quick fix so just try to include some of these in your diet and give your skin a little helping hand to stay healthy through these colder Autumn and Winter months ♥

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