Get the Best Skin of Your LIFE

Get the Best Skin of Your LIFE



Our beauty expert Pascha is here to tell you why and how our innovative products are going to give you the best skin of your life, alongside some tips and tricks to keep your skin clear, glowing and super fresh.


As a makeup artist, I’ve seen all skin types, all skin conditions and all skin issues under the sun. Aside from being a makeup artist, I’m also an absolute product junkie and I’ve tried all the serums, creams, masks, lotions and potions that you could wave a stick at. As a 20-year-old girl, I’ve gone through every phase you can name with my skin. It’s been oily and dry, I’ve had acne and eczema, you name it, I’ve been through it, like most of us girls. Unfortunately for us ladies, we have these crazy peaks and troughs with our skin and this is due to our hormones. It can depend on the time of the month, or the time of the year, whether we like it or not, our skin is always going to go through stages and change, we just need to learn how to manage it. Over the past year I’ve simplified my skincare routine, as well as used some products from Cute Nutrition which has completely changed to game for me. Gone are the days of problematic skin and monthly changes – I have finally found a way to keep my skin steady and under control, as well as normal, glowy and spot free. See below for what I recommend for the best skin of your life:


Multivitamins: These tiny tabs are totally underestimated. I gulp one back every single morning with a large glass of water to ensure my skin has its necessary vitamins and minerals. These vitamins have everything from vitamin C to ensure you’ve got that glow, to vitamin A which stops skin clogging. All you need is one a day to ensure your skin has all the vital tools it needs to improve cell turnover, as well as its general functioning.


Hair, Skin and Nails Collagen Powder: This is by far the best product by Cute Nutrition (in my opinion away….) It’s the easiest product to take, and tastes ahhhmazing It’s a delicious watermelon flavour powder, you put one scoop into 250ml of water and have it either shaken or stirred. It’s literally a beauty drink, it has a collagen complex which increases elasticity, hydration and pore refinement in the skin, as well as giving anti-aging benefits. You only need one scoop a day which is proven to grow your nails, thicken your hair as well as give your skin a gorgeous glow. There really is no better skin treatment then water, but drinking 2 to 3 litres of it a day can be a bit of a chore. I personally add the powder to every litre of water I drink a day, knowing the hair, skin and nail benefits the powder is giving me makes drinking water that whole lot less boring.


Marine Collagen Capsules: Another secret to keeping your skin at its best is Marine Collagen. This is a type of collagen for your skin which is amazing to keep wrinkles at bay, yet Cute’s formula has the added benefits of Hyaluronic Acid which is the most effective youth encrypting product on the market, as well as Vitamins A and E. These capsules are full of nutrients to keep your skin clear and fresh, as well as supporting many other functions of the body at the same time.


TeaTox: We all know what it’s like to have a heavy weekend or to have binged on takeways way more than we should have. Not only does this make us feel rubbish, but we tend to break out in a hundred spots, as well as our skin not looking as bright as it may usually look. Despite being a skincare obsessive and knowing the damage that toxins and a bad diet do for the skin, I’m only human and I can be known to indulge in a few cocktails with the girls and a Pizza or two. I just always ensure to revive my skin afterwards! The Monday after a crazy weekend, I up my water intake to 3-4 litres, as well as ensure I partake in a Teatox.

Cute’s 14 day Teatox is loved as it cleanses your skin, your insides, it de-bloats and it relieves your body of any bacteria and toxins. It has anti-inflammatory properties which are going to reduce any nasty spots, redness or blemishes. It also naturally increases your energy levels which helps your skin to look that whole lot healthier. I recommend detoxing your body at least every other month to ensure your body is functioning perfectly, and to ensure your skin is looking gorgeous.

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