Gym Bag Essentials

Going to the gym can be a bit nerve racking, especially for a newbie and making sure you’re fully prepared can be stressful, but don’t panic!
We’ve put together a list of our gym bag essentials to make sure you’re fully prepared to smash those gym sessions and keep you looking and feeling your best before, during and after your workout!  The best tip we can give you is to plan ahead, if you know you’re going to work or you’re out for the day after the gym, make sure you have your outfit packed and ready! And don’t forget a pair of spare socks!

Lets start with changing room beauty essentials

❤ Deodorant

Seems pretty standard but that’s why its so easy to forget to pack this is your gym bag. If you can have 2 then that’s great, keep one at home and one in your bag! You’re probably going to need this before and after your workout

 Make up Remover

If you’re hitting the gym after a day work then chances are you’re going to want to remove your make up as removing your make up before exercise can help keep your skin clear. Rather than your usual make up wipes, we like to use a make up remover cloth. This means no faffing around with cotton pads and extra bottles. Plus these are much better for the environment than make up wipes! #doublewin

❤ Dry shampoo

Us girls tend to be pretty good when it comes to making sure we’ve got a hairband around our wrist for any moment in life calls for a quick messy bun. But what about our other hair saviour, dry shampoo? This little can of genius is going to be a life saver for when you’re a sweaty mess trying to look presentable for a 9am meeting! Just spray, brush and run babe run!!

❤ Moisturiser

Getting all sweaty in the gym is a given, but afterwards, make sure you give your skin a surge of moisture to avoid it drying out! Vitamin E oil is all we can talk about lately, Cute Nutrition’s Vitamin E Oil is blended with almond and Moroccan rose oil, a product known to maintain skin health, plus the convenient size bottle is perfect for slipping in your gym bag.

Onto the nitty gritty..what you need in the gym!

❤ A reusable water bottle

A reusable metal bottle is not only great for keeping your water refreshingly cold, but also another little way to help your plastic waste! YAY! BCAA powders are a great way to increase your amino acids! Did you know, amino acids aid muscle recovery and help maintain muscle mass. 


Bit of a given really but everyone loves strutting their stuff to Beyonce while doing their warm up on the treadmill right? So make sure to chuck headphones in your bag to give you that ‘who run’s the world?’ attitude throughout your workout. 

❤ Towel

Gym etiquette really is a thing. Avoid those evil eyed gym goers and take a little towel in to wipe down any equipment that you use to make sure its sweat free for the next gal!

❤ Skipping Rope

Many people are so used to getting their cardio in by running like a crazed hamster on a treadmill. Make your cardio sessions a little more exciting by doing a little throwback to school days and using a skipping rope instead! (Little tip, to keep your gym bag tidy, wrap up your skipping rope then pop a hairband around it to keep it compact!)

❤ Last but not least, a resistance band

These booty building beauties have become so popular lately and theres a reason. can pop these into your gym bag and add use them for glute activation! Cute Nutrition’s Resistance band or Booty band as we like to call it, comes in 2 different strengths medium and heavy to cater for any gym bunnies abilities!  

Lets face it, getting into the gym can be daunting, but with our help you can do it! If you need help with any of our products or just want some general fitness advice, just drop us an email! Remember we’re your own girl gang! #teamcute


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