Healthy Daily Habits

Hey Cutie,

I don’t know about you but following a daily routine keeps us focused, happier and far more relaxed. Everyone’s day is different and in time we form daily habits that help us to become more productive.

Although the word ‘routine’ might terrify some, we tend to find that during hectic periods we crave the normality that comes with it.

Here are 9 Daily Healthy Habits that the team at Cute Nutrition follow to stay on top of our busy schedules.

9 Thousand Steps

On average our daily step count should reach 9,000, this is a lot easier than it sounds Cutie, choose to walk when possible and try to fit those steps into your daily routine. Sometimes working in an office can make this difficult but offer to make those tea and coffee rounds, park your car that little bit further, and try to take a regular break to get on your feet.

8 hrs of Sleep

Sleep is vital for our bodies to recover from the previous day and rejuvenate for our tasks ahead. A good night’s sleep will help your concentration and productivity, not enough sleep will leave you feeling sluggish and drained. Set yourself a time that you’d like to be in bed by, that way you can relax and switch off before you fall into your night time dreams.

7 Glasses of Water

We always tell you how important staying hydrated is, it helps to flush out all those bad toxins from your body. Aim to drink around 7 glasses of water per day, we find bottles with a tracking system can help to keep on top of your daily intake. You can also make water a bit more appealing by adding fruit or drinking herbal or fruit teas.

6 Minutes of Meditation

Take 6 minutes out of each day to just switch off and relax. Meditation has been linked to many health benefits such as the reduction of stress, control of anxiety and it also enhances your self-awareness.

5 Portions of Fruit and Vegetables

The recommended 5 a day is really a thing Cutie! So, get those fruit and veg portions into your diet, they will fill your body with all the natural goodness that it craves! Add them to your meals or just as snacks, the possibilities are endless.

4 Daily Breaks

Take time out each day to have a break, we all need them! It’s not good to overrun yourself and be on the go all day. Take 5 minutes to get some fresh air, make some tea or coffee, or go for a walk, your body needs it!

3 Meals & 3 Healthy Snacks

Knowing what amount to eat and at what time can be tricky. But stick do the daily habit of three nutritious meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and three snacks to fuel your body with all necessities. Make sure your snacks are healthy and will benefit your body, you don’t want to fill your body with unnecessary sugars and additives.

2 hrs No Phone Before Bed

As a generation we tend to over use our phones and of course social media, set some time aside before bed to switch off! It will make all the difference; your brain will be able to switch off and you can set that time aside to relax or do the things you enjoy such as reading a book. The rays that your phone radiate keep you awake for longer and make it difficult to fall asleep, by switching off you are preparing yourself for a good snooze!

1 Session of Exercise

Exercise is so important for our body and mind. Now we are not telling you to go to the gym every day Cutie, we know everyone has a busy schedule and sometimes we can’t fit that session in. Find something that you enjoy, walk your dog, go for a walk before work to wake yourself up, sign up to a yoga class or even go for a swim. Exercise doesn’t just limit you to the gym there are other fun ways to enjoy it.

Take inspiration from our habits or create your own we’d love to hear about them on our social channels!

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