How to be Body Confident

How to be Body Confident 

Being body confident doesn't necessarily mean that you think you look amazing, more that you are just comfortable in your own skin. To get there, you need to get used to the idea of "self - love". Again, this doesn't mean basking in your own glory 24/7, actually it means to take care of yourself, and to be accepting and forgiving of your flaws.


You won't anywhere by comparing your body to anyone else's. Comparison is toxic, and it creates poisonous feelings such as envy, jealousy and insecurity. If you're constantly looking at Instagram influencers thinking "why can't I look like that" well, newsflash, you can't look like that because that's not you, and you'll never be anyone else but you, so don't waste the person you are by wishing you were someone else. You just need to remind yourself that the abundance of someone else's beauty does NOT equate to a lack of your own. 


Exercise is the easiest shortcut to body confidence - not only will it have wonderful aesthetic benefits, but it will teach you self discipline and give you a great bout of endorphins. Your energy levels will improve, you'll sleep better, you'll get stronger and your all round being will improve. 


If you are working towards a "body goal" try to enjoy the journey. If you already workout, try not to think "I'm doing this to get more defined arms" as that is actually quite a negative way to think as it implies your arms aren't good enough as they are! So concentrate on the exercise, focus on the movement and perfecting your form as you workout. It's good to have a goal, but not if it's consuming your mind. When you eat healthily, try not to think of it as "I need to eat this to change my body" instead adopt a self-love mindset of " I am feeding my body and giving her the nutrients she needs because I love her". 


To finish off with, always remember that your worth is not defined by a number. Your weight and clothes size does not really matter in the grand scheme of things. Picture yourself, 10 - 20 years from now, and you have a daughter. You're at the beach. She's covering herself up with a towel and refusing to take if off, she starts crying because she has no confidence and doesn't want anyone on the beach to see her body, she says she hates her flaws, she says it's unfair that she doesn't look like these Bondi-beach Instagram models. How would you feel? What would you tell her? You'd be heartbroken! You'd tell her all the wonderful things about her, you'd wish she could see her own beauty and know her worth, right? Right. 
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