LA vibes or Pineapple?

Cute kiss, LA vibes or Pineapple? Don’t worry babe we have you covered this summer with our new re-useable water bottles. The perfect piece for any occasion whether it’s a day in the sun, a casual night at home or a day beside the pool.


Take a read to find out about our Cutie @sandyjoanne_

I love cute products! I love the vitamins I feel like my skin looks super healthy and dandelion roots capsules helped me a lot with my bloating problems. My favourite products are BCAA and Protein bars! 

❤  The bars are super handy when I’m in the rush & give me loads of energy... they make me feel full without eating a lot of calories. Taste delicious as well. I’m always open to try new products from Cute Nutrition! I’d love to try protein shakes or wellbeing products .

❤  I have V thick protein smoothies for breakfast & salads for lunch, i'm really consistent when it comes to my diet, but at the end of the day if i want to have a sweet treat in the week, I will. It's way worse to restrict yourself!

Without a doubt my fave re-useable bottle is deffo the pineapple one, i'm obsessed, it comes everywhere with me!


Ideal date night?

  My favourite dinner has to be sushi, I love an evening dins to Sticks'n'Sushi. I've dropped the link below because it's a sushi restaurant for those who don't even like fish! They also have Veggie options which are just unreal. 


What are your hobbies?

  During the week I love going to the gym, I stick my ear pods in & i'm away! My favourite day is 'leg day'. The next day BURNS but I find it so satisfying & makes me realise how hard I actually worked out. 

  Exercises I love: Back squats, hip thrusts, deadlift, bulgarian split squat, lunges. But remember Cuties your form is the most important thing! 


Sandy Xo

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