Let's Talk About Bloating

Hey Cuties,

Yes, we know… bloating is a NIGHTMARE and happens to most of us. It’s uncomfortable and often can be disheartening especially when we have plans and want to feel our best. Although bloating can be caused by several things it can also be linked to medical conditions so it’s important to seek medical attention if the symptoms persist and cause you pain.

Although there are many triggers we have some good news Cutie… there are small steps you can take to beat the bloat! We’ve put together some easy tips that you can follow to prevent or ease your bloating.


You probably hear this a lot, but drinking water is vital. Not drinking enough is the main cause of constipation and with that comes bloating, by hydrating your body you are flushing all those toxins out and allowing your bowel movement to pass through easier. Aim to drink up to 2 litres of water a day and you will feel a difference in no time, as a bonus you will notice other benefits too such as clear and hydrated skin, a boosted immune system and it also helps to prevents headaches.

Herbal tea is also a great way to increase your water intake, especially peppermint tea. It has been linked to helping soothe stomach pains and cramps as well as easing gas and indigestion.

Find Out What You CAN’T Eat

If you bloat on the regular it’s important to understand what food your body does and doesn’t accept. Your triggers could be within your favourite meals and it’s down to you to go through the elimination process, start a food diary and note down when your bloat appears. You will soon notice a pattern and that way you will be able to cut out or limit the food that triggers it the most. For most people wheat and dairy are the main causes but listen to your body Cutie, everyone is different.

Exercise Regularly

You’ve guessed it, regular exercise can help you reduce the bloat by making our bowel movement more regular! Our sweat also releases sodium which can help to relieve water retention.

We recommend trying out some Yoga moves that focus on your stomach, this will help to release any stress or tension that you may have in your abdominal area.

Control Your Portions

Being ‘stuffed’ often leads to bloating and discomfort, the problem usually lays in the fact that you have eaten too much food. If you don’t feel good after eating big portions try to cut them down but eat more often throughout the day.

And Relax…

Taking a warm bath could make all the difference Cutie! The heat of the water can ease your pain and help you relax whilst reducing stress levels, pour yourself a bath and chuck in your favourite bath bomb.

Did you know we offer a range of products that can also help to reduce your bloating? Here are just a few…

Dandelion Root Water Loss Capsules

Acai Berry Capsules

14 Day Teatox

Skinny Juice 

As inconvenient as it is we can control the bloat by listening to our bodies and understanding what causes our flare ups. But remember Cutie, if your symptoms are ongoing and you are in a lot of pain please seek medical attention. 

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