Meet Our Cutie Lucy Ledgeway

Meet Our Cutie Lucy Ledgeway @lucyledgeway

I found out about Cute Nutrition firstly from the @cutenutrition Instagram page & then soon after I was contacted by their Social Media Manager. I was so excited to get started on my Cute fitness journey, just in time for my summer vacay'.

I’m absolutely loving the Skinny Juice! I’m finding health benefits from it already. I’m feeling energised, cleansed & it’s helped me completely cut down on my snacking habit! Since using Cute Nutrition’s Skinny Juice I have noticed a decrease in bloating.. RESULT! It’s helped curb my sugar cravings too. I have a juice around 11am after breakfast and again at 4pm after lunch when I need a buzz of energy before the last few hours of work, hehe!

The SS18 gym clothing it’s SOOO comfy and next I’d love to try some of the vitamins too! I love that the brand is super aspirational and summer, L.A vibes... it's just so CUTE. How can I forget the Lemon Cheesecake bars, they are just incred. 

I would definitely refer a friend to Cute Nutrition, in-fact, some of my besties already use Cute Nutrition products & i’m just so glad we share the same fitness journey!

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