Minas Top 10 Beauty Tips💄

We want to introduce you to Mina, one of our Cuties who has been creating content for our brand for over a year now! This blog is everything you’ll need to know about our Cuties top beauty tips💋💄But most importantly we'll be discussing the small things that YOU can do, for YOU, to make YOU feel better 🙌🏼Here's Minas instagram for you to take a look at:

What makes you feel beautiful when you’re having a down day?

A nice warm tea, a bath and making a myself a mini spa at home. I use a mask for my face and hair every evening before bed. It's a moment for just me, myself & I 🙅‍♀

How many steps is there to your make-up routine?

Actually, not a lot. I’m just the same as your average girl next door. I’m never too over the top with my make-up but it’s a totally different story when I’m getting ready for a night out🙈

When I’m going out-out I prep my skin using a primer before applying my make-up. I use foundation, concealer, contour & highlight on my face, top of my cheeks and nose. While I wait for this to set I continue doing my eyebrows, adding a brown/orange eyeshadow, brown eyeliner in the corner of my eyes and apply a brown mascara. I LOVE a nude lip so I try and stick to neutral tones to balance out the heavy eye!

The steps you follow to removing your make up.

To remove my makeup I use wipes from DemakUp. I take time to wash my face with their gel too, under warm water. I’ll then use cold water to close the pores on my face, doing my best to prevent black or whiteheads. I like to apply a moisturising cream to my eyes and face but always refrain from using oils on my skin, I already have such oily skin as it is!! ✖

This is our FAVE question! Which products could you absolutely not live without?

My jade roller from Pretty Little Thing ✨ coconut oil to hydrate my hair and honey for my lips. I apply honey on my skin and lips to keep them hydrated, theres nothing worse than a chapped lip girls! Yeeeeaahh, I know you may think this is strange but promise me, try it and let me know how it goes. It leaves my lips so soft and bright, it’s a game changer & you can thank me later! 🥥 🍯

Do you have any beauty secrets?

Right, again this may sound weird, but I promise what I’m about to say works for me! I use a lot of natural products that I already have stored in my kitchen. Cucumber for my eyes & coconut oil that I bought when I went to Thailand! This is entirely natural, which is what I love the most.

Have you ever struggled with acne? If so, we'd love to hear about your journey!

I’m really lucky, I never get acne but my skin is extremely sensitive and so I often get spots as and when the weather changes. When I have a break-out like this I apply every night the "Pâte Grise" from Payot. It's an anti-blemish treatment that helps accelerate the maturation phase of blemishes or pesky spots.

How did you find using our Vitamin E oil?

I couldn't live without it now 😍 I use it over 3 months ago for the first time and I fell in love with it instantly. This is my night ritual, I swear by it & get the best sensation of freshness and OMG the smell is amazing!! My skin is already looking brighter, softer & I'm obsessed with the natural glow it's giving me each morning.

I use Cute Vitamin E oil once per day, every night when I wash my face, it's the last step of my routine before applying my Pâte Grise moisturiser. Here’s a pic of me with Cute Nutritions Vitamin E oil & a couple other of my fave goodies.


Tell us about your favourite beauty foods?

I eat lot of fruit and vegetables. They contain so many good things for your skin, hair, body but also fight against sickness. I can't stand being unwell and so I make sure I’m having at least 4 of my 5 a day! Avocado is one of my favourites. I also drink lot of water (2L) to eliminate toxins from my body.  🍌🍇🍑

Do you exercise to help yourself feel better/ keep positive?

I don’t exercise every day, but I try my best to do a workout every other day. I do around 1 hour of cardio to begin with & then core strength for my abs. I remember once I was given some advice… food alone can't do everything; our body need exercises too... we're not made to be unmoving! Which I think is so totally true, remember this Cuties!💦

What are your top 3 beauty brands?

I love Dior, Too Faced and Marc Jacobs. 


How much sleep do you get a night? 💤😴

I'm not someone who likes to go bed early, I just can't fall asleep that quickly. I get into bed at around midnight and read a for a while in my bed. This is a way for me to decompress and relax my body & mind before the new day begins.

Which foods do you stay away from to help your skin/ mood?

Everything that's fatty. I can't eat cold meats without getting spots :( Fortunately, I don't miss it. Being French, I love bread but I really don't eat a lot. I try my hardest to eat wholegrain bread or gluten free. It makes my stomach blow up & I feel bloated and horrible. 

I am SUCH a foodie so there isn't a lot of foods that won’t put a smile on my face haha! My mood solely depends on other factors like stress, work, sleep... but I am always aware of what my body needs.

All my love, Mina 💞


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