NYNM Bundles: Influencer Update💋

Hey Gals💋
Can you believe we're mid way through January already😱We've set three of our influencers up on our New Year New Me bundles & we thought it was only right to give you all an update!
Chatting with our Cutie Ellie
We've been speaking to our Cutie @ellieegar whose main aim is to Detox & Cleanse, rather than to lose weight. When we reached out to Ellie she told us that she wanted the products to contain natural detoxing ingredients, to speed up her metabolism & reduce water retention after Christmas time. 
Ellie says "Over the Christmas period I over indulged a little too much. My journey isn't to lose weight but it is to become healthier & happier in 2020 & ditch the booze for a little while🍸
I've been sticking to a healthy diet as well as going to the gym at the weekend 💪 I just want to feel the best version of myself and I couldn't have done it without the effective, oh and best tasting products from Cute!"


Chatting with our Cutie Mollie
Our next Cutie is @missmolliegilbert. Mol attends the gym 4 times per week & is focused on building & maintaining her peach🍑 Molly received our Sculpt & Tone bundle & has been using our 'medium' booty band religiously since the beginning of the year👏
Mollie says "I've been looking for a particular product to aid muscle recovery along with a booty band to activate my glutes. Now that I've tried & tested these products, I can honestly say I'm obsessed! I have a couple of holidays lined up for this year and I know for a fact that with my continual healthy diet, these products & hard work at the gym I will be able to see more booty gains soon 👀



-Chatting with our Cutie Arielle

Last but not least, we have Cutie #3 @arriellespring whose aim is all around weight loss. For fast & healthy weight loss we would recommend replacing only one meal to begin with. The girls in the office like to take a shake in place of their breaky & then will have a sustainable lunch & dinner. Others like to have over night oats for breakfast with fruit 🍎🍌🍉🥑& then have a shake in place of their lunch & ensure they eat a nutritious dinner. It's totally your preference Cutie!💁‍♀️

Arielle says "regular exercise is also advised for best results. Once you are into routine you can then up your intake to two shakes per day - only if necessary. I've been following this plan with my busy schedule and frequent travels and i'm obsessed with how Cute really does provide convenient, on the go weight loss! So a big thank you to CUTE✨

P.s Always remember Cuties on your circuit/one booty workout/ one walk in the park is always better than none.


 Love The Cute Team x

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