Our Top 10 Tips To Stay Fit On Holiday

Holidays are a time to completely relax and switch off from your busy schedule! But, if you’re a cutie that wants to maintain your fitness level on your hols then we have 10 top tips for you!

1. Check out the area and make a plan – use the space around you

When booking a place to stay, look at the facilities and surrounding area so you can plan where and when is best to do your workouts. Look at the space around your hotel as this may give you an opportunity get out of the gym! Go for hikes in beautiful settings or enjoy a yoga session on the beach!

2. Pack the essentials

Making sure you pack the essentials is vital to keeping up your fitness routine while you’re away! Remember to pack a few gym outfits, including lightweight tops and shorts in case you’re going somewhere hot! If you’re planning on working out outside a hat is a really great way of protecting yourself from the sun alongside your sun cream! Pop a Cute Booty Band into your suitcase to make your workouts super easy and keep up those booty gains!

3. Create a routine

Creating a routine is really important; you do it while you’re at home so try to create a routine while you’re away too! Working out early in the morning gives you the opportunity to enjoy the rest of your day and relax. If you’re working out outside, the morning tends to be a little cooler too! Try to do a workout before putting on your bikini, grabbing your towel and running for the best lounger by the pool!

4. Limit your exercise

The thought of having to go for a long gym session while your on holiday can be a real pain and frankly, it makes you not want to do it! However, by having your routine you can limit the amount of time you spend exercising. By limiting yourself to 45 minutes to an hour, you know that you can get it over and done with quickly!

Little tip: Try and do full body workouts or HIIT to make the most of your quick gym sesh!

5. Don’t fall victim to the buffet

Everyone loves food, we know that! Going on holiday is an excuse to eat! However, falling victim to a delicious buffet is too easy! Try and keep an eye on what you’re eating, pastries and bread tends to fill the buffet and most of the time, your plate! Remember to keep at least half a plate of fruits or veggies to limit high carb foods!

6. Prep your snacks

We all know that being on a sun lounger poolside with a packet of Lays is the almost every girl holiday! Instead of grabbing the crisps at the supermarket, try to go for healthier alternatives, such as nuts or fruit!

7. Don’t make yourself feel bad – its okay to relax

This is a big one! Going on holiday is a break. You’re allowed to relax and chill out! If you don’t workout every day or you only do a half an hour workout, its fine! Nobody’s going to judge you! Take time to focus on you, enjoy time with friends and family and de-stress!

8. It’s the little things

Keeping fit on holiday isn’t always about making sure you squeeze in a full workout. Simple things can help you stay in shape too! Taking the stairs instead of the lift is a great example. Swimming is also an amazing way to keep fit (and cool!) lots of hotels do exercises classes in the pool, so grab your babes and dive in!

9. Hydration is key

This is a fairly obvious one but it’s easily forgotten. Staying hydrated is key to keeping up your fitness. Drinking lots of water helps to detox the body as well as keep it all in tiptop condition for working out and keeping body functions in check!

10. Sleep

Sleeping is a key to recovery and fitness. If you’ve been super busy before your holiday, take time to catch up on sleep and recover, you don’t want to burn out while on holiday too! Don’t feel guilty about lying in and try not to go to bed too late. Have a nap by the pool!

Little tip: it’s known that using screens before bed can affect your quality of sleep. Use your time away as an excuse reduce your screen time!

If you've going on holiday this summer, HAVE FUN! If you're looking keep up your fitness routine, we hope our little tips helped! We'd love to know if you have any tips of your own! Join the chat on our Facebook group 'The Cute Community'! 



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