Style your Cutie T

Hey Cuties💋
It’s time to get fit & create your summer body in the winter💪🏼 We’ve introduced our brand new Cutie T-shirt which is the perfect fit for ANY occasion and most importantly, you can now look like a total Cutie at the gym!
Our girl Olivia has created a video showing us three different ways to wear your Cutie T-shirt depending on your individual style & preference.
We know how important it is for all our Cuties to be comfortable in what you wear! Which is why we've decided to share Olivias Style Tips to give you some extra inspiration. Amelia & I from the London office love the cropped T, however the girls in the Amsterdam office are absolutely obsessed with the Cutie T-shirt. So, here's a little something for everyone!!
1. T-shirt style
2.Front twist crop style
3. Backwards crop style
As you can see in the video above, Liv also shows us the different outfit choices that can be created with our new T. Whether you decide to workout at the gym, go for a shopping trip with the girls🛍a date 💘or even an evening in with your boyf💑…just to remind him how much of a Cutie you really are!! This tee is the ultimate staple piece for your wardrobe
They ALL look super Cute worn with leggings, jeans or trackies, it's your choice💕
We want to know your favourite way to wear your T-shirt & what you pair Cutie T with👀
DM us to let us know🙌🏼
All our love,
The Cute Team x
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