The Rise Of Ballet Fitness

Hey Cutie,

Have you always wondered what types of training Victoria's Secret Angels do? Look no further, we bring you the latest trend that everyone is talking about and it’s all levels of cute – Ballet Fitness also known as the Barre Workout. A spin on classic ballet and Pilates this will sure make you break a sweat!

Ballet isn’t just about putting on beautiful leotard and having the best form, it’s all about perseverance and dedication to the sport. Many get put off by the idea that this is a form of dance, but fear not you don’t have to be a professional dancer to attend ballet fitness it’s there for everyone to enjoy.



There are many benefits linked to ballet fitness here are just a few Cutie:

Posture Correction

Ballet movements focus on how you carry yourself from one stance to the other helping you to achieve posture alignment.

Improves Flexibility

Mixed in with a Pilates routine Ballet fitness will help to improve flexibility through it’s dynamic stretching.

Muscle Strengthening

Ballet is a mixture of Pilates and Endurance Training which is a massive benefit to your muscle strength. Through performing moves such as the plié squats, jumps and ballet spins your core and lower body strengthen as you continue to practice more. Many ballet dancers work with weights to not miss out on building their upper body strength.

Clears the Mind

Ballet is therapeutic Cutie! It helps you to focus completely on your body and its movements allowing you to become more self-aware. Exercise also helps to relieve stress and ballet is a great way to take your mind off things for a few hours and enjoy some movement.

Barre Class

The workout performed by VS Angels! A perfect way to tone your body and burn some fat. It involves small isometric movements using body weight, resistance bands and dumbbells and holding your body in certain positions to ‘feel the burn’. The barre class means you may not see results on the scales, but you definitely will notice your body changing as it tones.

The barre class has gained its popularity through its quick workouts and quick results and that’s something women will always need!

So check out your local gym Cutie, and see if you can book yourself in for a class. Bring your bestie along for some company and we hope your workout is on point😜.

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