How To Boost Your Confidence

Hey Cutie,

Let’s face it, we all endlessly scroll through Instagram and compare ourselves to others. It’s a bad habit we all need to beat.

It’s easy to say you will delete all your social media channels to avoid putting yourself down but never feel like you need to reach those extremes.  We all need to remember that everyone is different and our bodies are unique, it’s time we all accept ourselves for who we are!

Now that may seem like an impossible challenge as sometimes you can be your own worst enemy but we’re here to help and offer some Cute advice.

We’ve come up with some tips to help you feel more confident and we’re not taking NO for an answer. So, buckle up Cutie… a dose of confidence is coming your way.

Stop Focusing on The Negatives

We all do it! Instead of looking in the mirror and constantly picking out the negatives about yourself we challenge you to realise what your body can do and the positive things you like. We often get trapped dealing with low self-esteem and body image issues so it can be hard to remember the good things. The human body is amazing, so show it love and we promise you will start to realise what’s important, stop comparing yourself to what you see online, the chances are it’s not real anyway.

Set Some Goals

Goals are there to keep you motivated and on track they can be anything from weight loss to weight gain, to help you improve your fitness levels, socialise or even to clear your mind. It’s important to understand what you want your end goal to be. It doesn’t have to be fitness related, your end goal could be to push yourself out of your comfort zone, try new things or to genuinely be happy.

Get a pretty note pad or diary and write those goals down! And whilst you are there write all the positive things about yourself.

Do Things That Make You Happy

Fill your days with doing things that you enjoy and bring you happiness Cutie, life is too short to be wasting endless hours on things you don’t like. Spend time with your close ones, spend time alone, you need a healthy balance when it comes to socialising.

Book that theatre show you have always wanted to see, enjoy a pamper night with your friend, watch that TV series, visit the countries you always have wanted to see. Having something to look forward to that is positive can often steer us away from those bad thoughts and often gives us an aim to work towards.

Fuel Your Body The Right Way

Cliché, we know! But fuelling your body with food full of healthy nutrients and vitamins makes all the difference. If you constantly eat things that are bad for you or don’t make you feel great you will feel lethargic and lack that energy you need. Balance is key Cutie, follow the 80/20 rule and enjoy those cheat days.

Create A Positive Support Network

Surround yourself with positive people, you will never be able to boost your confidence if you are amongst negative people that are constantly bringing you down.

The chances are your friends most likely feel the same way that you do, make an effort to do things together and talk about your problems and thoughts. You will feel all the better!

So Cutie, take care of yourself. There is only one you and you need to look after her. Baby steps will get you to where you want to be!

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