Zoes 4 Week Summer Body Plan

Hey Cuties💋

I started my 4-week Summer Body Bundle on 10th June after losing motivation to stay active and eat healthily. My weight has been something I keep an eye on as it tends to fluctuate a lot! I recently found myself struggling with bloating and a little weight gain after not going to the gym regularly and eating less healthily than I normally would.

Over the last 4 weeks I have tried out Cute Nutrition products that I have heard great reviews about and I’ve really enjoyed finding what works for me!

I decided to give the new Summer Body Bundle a try and post it all on ‘The Cute Community’ Facebook group so I had no excuse to give up!

The Summer Body Bundle includes a range of products including: Craving Crusher Capsules, Tanning Capsules, 28 Day TeaTox, 2 Meal Replacement Shakes, a shaker and an E-book to give you recipe ideas and help you keep track on your diet.

I decided to use the shakes as snacks or a meal on the go if I didn't have time to prepare something, which worked really well for me.


A typical day for me would be:

7am: Craving Crusher

7:30am: Smoothie using frozen fruit, Almond Milk, Oats and Strawberry Meal Replacement Shake and a Tanning capsule

1pm: Salad – Spinach, lettuce, pomegranate, cucumber, tomato and mixed vegetable cous cous

5:30pm: Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

8pm: Salmon with Vegetables and Sweet Potato and a Tanning Capsule

9pm: TeaTox


So how did I get on with the products?

The Shakes were super easy to make and taste delicious! They have a really smooth texture, which is something I haven’t found in previous brand I’ve tried!

I’m normally someone who snacks all the time and I saw a real change in the amount I was snacking thanks to the Craving Crusher capsules which was great as I normally end up eating unhealthy snacks!

The Tanning capsules were fab and I did notice a difference in my skin tone after doing a little sunbathing in the beautiful UK sunshine, which doesn't normally happen!

The Teatox tea is now my go to- Holy Grail drink. This has been amazing for the amount of bloating I was having! It’s really helped to keep it under control and I absolutely love that the product is 100% natural and organic! I find the blend is great for digestion so perfect after a meal!

I have been doing home workouts during the 4 weeks and using the Ebooks from Cute, which have been really fun and something a bit different for me!

The best thing is the products work alongside any form of exercise, meaning you don't have to spend crazy amounts of hours in the gym every evening to reach your goals!


Did I see results?

I don't ever weigh myself as I find it can sometimes knock your confidence, I rely on just feeling comfortable in how I look!

I made sure I didn't compare myself to my before photos during the 4 weeks to keep it a bit of a surprise for myself and I’m really happy with the results!

I’ve loved doing this little challenge and can say my confidence has grown since doing it! I’ll be sure to use Cute Nutrition products in future ❤💋 can see my results below!

Z x

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