Our Booty Burning Circuit

Posted on May 20 2016

Our Booty Burning Circuit

A quick 5 minute warm up on an incline treadmill or uphill walk. This will get blood flow to the working areas and get you ready to start the circuit. Ensure you have a our Cute shaker to hand filled with water as hydration is always important.


Work for 60s seconds on each exercise no rest between exercises.

A total of between 3 & 4 Rounds & Rest 60s after each round.

Body Weight Wide Squats
Body Weight Jumping Lunges
Body Weight Narrow Squats
Laying Glute Bridges
Squat With Side Leg Lift

A circuit like this will kick start your booty muscles into gear to give you that toned look. This circuit is also high intensity therefore you will be burning calories all day :) A perfect way to finish your session is with your Cute Meal Replacement.

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