Eton Mess - Strawberry Shake Heaven!

Posted on March 07 2016


150g raspberries or strawberries

1-tablespoon honey

450g of low fat Greek yoghurt

4 meringue nests or 1 large nest (bought or homemade)

Your choice of topping (We love to use extra strawberries or raspberries for decorating)



   1     In a small bowl, mash the berries and add in the honey.

   2     Mix in the yoghurt using a whisk either by hand or on the lowest setting.

   3     Break the meringue into small chunks and place on top of the berries and yoghurt mix.

   4     Mix all the berries and meringue into the yoghurt so it is distributed evenly but not too much as you still want to see the berry swirls.

   5     Serve in glasses or bowls.

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