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Cute Fitmas

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Cute Fitmas!


Cuties, there are only 5 days until Christmas! Minimise your festive overindulgences with this super easy, two step plan!



A simple 15 minute HIIT workout every day between now and New Years Eve. It's only 15 minutes! Hardly a big commitment but it will help limit those party season "damages". Have one workout prepared for good days. Have another, less intense workout prepared for the 'off' days. You'll need a less jumpy-aroundy workout if you've just woken up from a night filled with nothing but celebrations. 



Take a Craving Crusher every day. This will help to control portion sizes and fend off urges to pick at sugary foods. A great way to avoid a New Years resolution to tone up those mince-pie-thighs! They help to regulate blood sugar levels, so if you're prone to the odd glass of bubbly or mulled wine, Craving Crushers really wouldn't go amiss. 


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