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Our Cutie Bekka Batchelor Talks Cute!

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Name: Bekka Batchelor
Occupation: Social Media Infleuncer 
Instagram: @bekkabatchelor
How did you hear about Cute? I heard about Cute through other social media influencers promoting the brand. I immediately fell in love with it’s cute packaging and wanted to try all the flavours of the products.
What Cute products have you purchase? Strawberry weight loss shake, Cute crop top, Ice white shaker & craving crusher
How has Cute helped you reach your goals? Cute has helped me to cut out the snacking and over-eating. The products keep me full throughout the day.
Would you tell your friends about Cute? Definitely! I already have! It’s such a great quality of products that does exactly what it says on the tub!

Hello Cutie!

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