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Our Cutie Lauren Vesey Talks With Cute Nutrition

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Name: My name is Lauren :) 


Occupation: I am a student 

Instagram: My Instagram is@laurenvesey1

How did you hear about Cute? I heard about Cute from their Instagram page

What Cute products have you purchase? I purchased the pink cropped hoodie, the white cute shaker and the nails, skin and hair watermelon flavour powder which I love.

What is it you love about Cute? I love that Cute is aimed at woman because there is not many nutritional brands specifically for woman and I love the design of the Cute products.

How has Cute helped you reach your goals? Cute has helped me to look after myself nutritionally and look Cute while in the gym

Would you tell your friends about Cute? Yes I would definitely recommend Cute to my friends as I already have on my Instagram page.

Hello Cutie!

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