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Perfectly Slimming Piña Colada

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As summer draws to an end, we are all desperately clinging onto something to savour the season for a little longer... try our delicious Piña Colada inspired protein smoothie; a creamy blend with all of the taste and none of the consequences!
Firstly, take 100ml of coconut milk and leave it to freeze overnight in an ice tray. Alternatively, if you don't want to wait, you can use normal coconut milk, and add a couple of regular ice cubes to your smoothie later.

100g Fresh Pineapple

100 ml Coconut Water

100ml Frozen Coconut Milk 

3 Scoops Cute Nutrition Piña Colada Sculpt & Tone Shake


Simply add all the ingredients into your blender, and blend until smooth. Serve with a ring of pineapple for that extra summer vibe.


Did you know, pineapple has a number of health benefits such as reducing inflammations, aiding digestion, reducing risk of bad eye health, helping to develop healthy bones, and supporting the immune system!


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