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"This supplement has helped me to loose 1.8kg!"

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Ciao to Cravings with Craving Crushers


"This supplement has helped me to loose 1.8kg!"
I've been on a postpartum mission to redefine the term "mom-bod", but until recently I had hit a plateau...As someone who's constantly run off her feet - I tend to skip meals, and when hunger strikes, my sweet tooth can cause some questionable food choices! Cookies for a nutritious lunch anyone?  
Since taking Craving Crushers - I've completely lost my interest in sweet foods. Not only that, but it also helps me resist the temptation to 'kitchen pick' in the middle of the night when I'm up for baby duties - and in desperate need of a quick energy kick. The combination of conquered cravings, and a boosted metabolism, means I've overcome my plateau and lost 1.8kg, thanks to those adorable pearly pink supplements!
Also, side note! The capsules contain Konjac root fibre, which helps to keep you regular. Healthy bowels are important for all women, especially those who've given birth.
Phoebe, Fit Mama Blog @phoebefitmama

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