Welcome to Cute Nutrition!

It is our belief that healthy eating and an active lifestyle provides all-around wellness benefits. Cute Nutrition has been developed to help you become a healthier, happier and stronger you! A young team of nutritionists, personal trainers, fitness and sports lovers we at Cute are trying to provide education & inspire strong women.



Cute offers a range of female tailored products in which all contain the highest quality ingredients, amazing taste, GMO-Free & produced in facilities of the highest standard. We aim to innovate and offer a wide selection of products to help all needs whether that is toning, fitness, weight loss, beauty or inner health.



Tom - I launched Cute for the sole reason of providing HIGH-quality nutrition & lifestyle products for women. An industry filled with male products repacked in a female way is not what Cute stands for. Each of our products has been tailored towards females & ensuring enough macro and micronutrients are included. I worked in the nutrition industry for the past 7 years former sportsman and am a strong believer in the healthy mind healthy body approach hence my reasoning behind the aspirational look of Cute.


Amie - My name is Amie, I am the Customer Relations & Influencer Manager for Cute Nutrition. I have always had a strong interest in nutrition and health - participating in Dance, Netball from a young age. My background is primarily in the Fashion Retail Industry - working for Topshop over the past 4 years as a Visual Merchandising Manager. Being a naturally out-going communicator I specialise in Influencer Co-ordinating, Customer Relations, Events and Social Media Management. The feedback I receive from our Amazon customers is their love for the brand and the results they have seen with the products. I love to be part of a young, energetic team & my aim is to ensure women not only look good but feel amazing in their own skin.


Luke - My name is Luke and I’m the Marketing & Design Manager of Cute Nutrition. I joined Cute because I loved the concept of the brand and instantly became passionate about it. I’m a massive lover of sport & fitness and have a strong background of coaching children football. Before Cute I worked for a digital marketing agency and before that, I worked for a premium childcare company within their marketing department. My previous experience has helped bring my design & marketing expertise into this role in Cute. I love to be part of a young, vibrant team, creating exciting content and coming up with fun marketing campaigns but ultimately the most satisfying feeling is when you see the life-changing results to improve our customer's confidence and happiness. 


Phoebe - I'm Phoebe, a creative professional,  postnatal health & fitness blogger and active ambassador for Cute Nutrition. Despite a bone marrow transplant which leads to problems with my hips and posture, and the physical trauma of a complicated childbirth, I keep pursuing my love for fitness. I’m far from perfect and I’m totally cool with that. I hope to show you that you can be whoever you want to be! As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I know just what I need to keep my body healthy and strong. I use Cute Nutrition supplements to help me meet my nutritional requirements & give me an extra boost to strive towards my fitness goals.


Leanne - I'm Leanne and I look after all the Amazon customer service & logistics for Cute. I have always had a strong interest in nutrition and health despite not enjoying the gym at all. I take part in weekly yoga along with a Zumba class which keeps me active. The feedback I receive from our Amazon customers is their love for the brand and the results they have seen with the products. I continue to update the team with improvements we can make to ingredients and we ensure all customer feedback is taken on board.

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