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Name: Francesca Blundell


My weight loss success with Cute has been amazing! I started my diet in September 2017 and I ordered 2 Meal Replacement’s in the flavours ‘Cookies & Cream’ and ‘Chocolate’ which were amazing. I then bought ‘Pornstar Martini’ protein which I can’t compliment enough and have just run out of because I was so addicted haha! I am now half way through my second lot of Cookies & Cream meal replacement tub and just can’t get enough of it! I also take the Dandelion Root vitamins and CLA’s.

My daily routine always starts with a shake, 2 dandelion root tablets and 1 CLA. I then work in an office so instead of cooking lunch I will have another shake at 12/1pm along with 1 more CLA.

I usually go to the gym after work for 45/60mins. I have been doing 30 minutes of cardio training and some lighter weights as I am also trying to tone up. I get home and always cook myself a healthy dinner usually chicken, lots of veg and sometimes some sweet potatoes. I take 2 more dandelion capsules before bed and ready to go again. I am now 4lb away from a 3 stone weight loss thanks to Cute!



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