Craving Crusher

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What am I?

Glucomannan & Chromium Picolinate Capsules - Konjac Root Fibre. A Natural Weight Loss Supplement and Safe Appetite Suppressant. Effective and Easy To Swallow Pink Capsules For Women.


My Benefits

  • Stops Overeating - Feel fuller quicker. That means you can eat less without feeling hungry. The addition of Chromium picolinate boosts metabolism and promotes fat loss. Now you can finally take control with portion control for weight loss success.

  • Crushes Cravings - Feel fuller for longer. Takes the edge off hungry pangs and sugar cravings. Without the urge to snack in between meals, you can stop making bad food choices and resist the temptation to make unnecessary trips to the fridge.

  • Improves Digestion and Bowel Health - This soluble dietary fibre relieves constipation and helps to keep you regular. Improves digestion by increasing good bacteria for a happy and healthier gut. Detox your body naturally without the need for drastic cleanses.

  • No Nasty Side Effects - Most users report zero side effects. No bloating. No stomach cramps. No heartburn. Our tablets are silky smooth and easy to swallow with no unpleasant aftertaste; much more convenient than powder supplements. Perfect for busy ladies on the go.


How to use me

Recommended Dosage - Take one capsule with water 30 minutes before a meal.


What I contain

Glucomannan & Chromium Picolinate, Rice Flour, Capsule Shell (Gelatine)

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