Green Tea Capsules

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What am I?

Green Tea Tablets 1000mg. High Strength Green Tea Extract - Effective Vegan Fat Burner Supplement. Achieving Weight Loss, Slimming and Diet Goals Naturally. 


My Benefits

  • Enjoy The Benefits Of Green Tea Without The Taste - Our Green Tea Extract tablets are convenient and easy to swallow so you don't need to let the bitterness of green tea stand in the way of your health. Suitable for veggies and vegans too.
  • Boost Your Energy Without The Jitters - Whether you want to workout harder for longer or to increase your focus and concentration, our Green Tea pills will help to make you more productive without bouncing off the walls! 

  • Lose Weight Naturally - The powerful combination of caffeine and antioxidants increases fat burning, especially during exercise, and speeds up your metabolism so you burn more calories around the clock. Time to take on those love handles!

  • Keep Your Hunger At Bay - Banish unhealthy eating habits and stop mindless munching! These natural Green Tea tablets will help curb your appetite and control food cravings in between meals whilst you lose weight. 


How to use me

Recommended Dosage - Take one capsule a day, preferably with an evening meal.


What I contain

Green Tea 5:1 40% Catechins - 100mg