Vegan Chocolate Shake

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What am I?

I am a Cute Vegan Protein Shake that is a delicious Chocolate Flavour. I am a High Source of Protein, Low in Fat, Low in Sugar and Only 110 Calories per serving. I am a delicious shake designed to fit the needs of Vegetarians and Vegans. My weight is 600g and I should last 2/3 weeks.


My Benefits

  • I am Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.
  • I contain High Quality Pea & Rice Protein
  • I am only 110kcal per serving
  • I am fully Non GMO


How to use me

Recommended Dosage - Add 30g (3 scoops) to 300ml of water or unsweetened nut based milks and shake me until I'm smooth.


What I contain

Vegetable Protein Blend (Soy Protein Isolate), Hydrolised Wheat Protein (Gluten), Pea Protein, Rice Protein, Cocoa Powder, Maltodextrin, Flavouring, Mineral Blend, Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Sweetener.


My Nutritional Info (per 30g serving)

Calories - 110kcal

Protein - 22.1g

Carbohydrates - 2.0g

Of Sugars - 0.6g

Fat - 1.3g

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