White Chocolate Proteasers

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What am I?

A 100% Guilt Free White Chocolate Proteasers. High In Protein, Rich In Vitamins, Low in Sugar and Low in Carbs! 4 Guilt Free 46g Pouches Per Box. Supports Weight Loss and Boosts Energy.


My Benefits

  • Weight Loss Has Never Been Easier - 100% Guilt Free 46g Cute White Chocolate Proteaser Pouch. The perfect addition to your daily regime as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack that will curb your sweet tooth cravings and have you more than satisfied. 

  • Hits The Sweet Spot - Our White Chocolate Proteasers have a sweet taste but are low in sugar! At last, a health snack that crushes cravings and satisfies your sweet tooth without ruining your diet! Losing weight has never been easier!

  • Nutritious and Delicious - Don't disappoint your taste buds with a bland, chewy or chalky protein snack. Instead give yourself a treat with our yummy White chocolate proteasers. High in protein and packed full of vitamins, they are healthy without tasting horrid.

  • Be Proud Of Your Body - Enjoy the compliments that you will receive as you walk down the street with pride. Slip into those clothes that were previously too tight and enjoy the new lease of life that you will gain from your weight loss.

  • Guilt Free Goodness On The Go - Ideal as a snack or for those occasions when you don't have time to make breakfast or lunch. Whether you're at work, the gym or simply on the move, our Proteasers are the perfect healthy alternative that won't sabotage your dieting.


How to use me

Recommended Dosage - 1 Pouch Per Day


What I contain

Cocoa butter, Milk protein, vegetable fibre, hydrolized collagen, butter powder, colourings, emulsifier, sweeteners.

* Allergens: Soy & Milk


My Nutritional Info (per 46g Pouch)

Calories - 230kcal

Protein - 15g

Carbohydrates - 3.8g

Of Sugars - 2.1g

Fat - 14g


*4 x 46g pouches per box

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